hideyourkids (hideyourkids) wrote,

i have had the best week!
a few months ago i had a handfull of really shit stuff happen to me and my family.but the last week has really wiped alot of that stuff away, not all, but alot.

mum has been nominated for this huge promotion.
the kenmore bypass prefered option doesn't effect out house at all.
terry won on the keno
and i have a boyfriend that took me on a surprise holiday to the crowne plaza where we had the nicest dinner and sat in the spa drinking bubbly till 5 am. it was sooooooo great... and he bought me roses and hid them in the glove box. so cool. the only bad thing that has happened this week is that my dads computer died, as in won't even turn on. how can i fix it if i can't even turn it on.
anywho... of to work. have a good day dudes
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