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No body really gives a fuck so just do it your way.

I am sitting here trying to get into si-net and sign on or tutes for michael because he is skiing and "where it snows, no internet goes" or so it seems, thus i am updating.

My holidays have been fairly uneventful. I went and saw Harry potter and i went to 'pig city'.

I will talk about pig city a little but before i do i will talk about the day before the concert when the uni held like a discussion on brisbane music and the political context. It was really interesting. speakers included andrew staford (author of pig city: the saints to savage garden), lindy morrison (the go betweens), ian rogers (iron on), the dude from screamfeeder, a bunch of industry professionals and john birmingham. it was really interesting and very funny. I honestly wish i had taken notes.

Moving on, the concert/ festival (which i was late for because i had to work) was also very funny. A i think i was the youngest person there, the average age being 50. my favorites were Kev Carmody and the riptides. i also saw the siants, regurgitater, the parameters, kate mila-heikie (don't know how you spell it and don't care, she pisses me off), the ups and downs, pineapples from the dawn of time... i think that's it but i'm getting forgetful in my old age.

si-net being down is really starting to bug me.

this semester i am doing intro to journalism and communication ,social being: power, structure and agency, gender, sexuality and society and modern political institutions. Do i have any classes with anyone?

ok that's enough for me. peace out.
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